Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The current project

clean the apartment, clean clean omg.... I can't believe this. day 3 and still working on it. Pirate, my best friend is here but not doing much to help me. What the heck, he's a computer junkie, and he is a guy.... these are not such a great combo when there is work to be done. Actually this is Pirate blogging on the Ms' laptop. lol
When I first got into blogging, I thought maybe the Ms. would like it and perhaps use it a little more often than she does. Guess its not a thing she is into like I am. Word on the street is you have to have some narcissistic tendencies to get into blogging. I'm a narcissist, she's not, this is probably a good thing.

I know I said some bad things... I was hurt, broken hearted. Said stuff ... well if you have ever had someone break your heart you would understand what I am speaking of.

This is a snap of the current project, in the front room. I was a disaster when we first walked in. Toys, clothes, junk strewn about everywhere you stepped. Like I said this has been going for 3 days and is coming together, slowly. I think the Ms is doing a wonderful job.

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