Friday, December 26, 2008


I don't blog that much cause I don't know much to talk about or I am doing stuff around the apartment that needs to be done like cleaning. Like I should be doing right now cause I will be working for I know the next 3 days. Really it is not all that fun to come home from work and clean all the time and I don't like taking my whole days off doing it. So there is times I just say screw it I am not doing nothing today. But then I regret it later that day or the next day. Oh well I guess I will live with it cause I do it to myself. When I decide to not do anything.

Christmas 2008

Well Christmas went well my kid seems to be happy with all that she got. Me and Pirate, and my daughter went to Indiana to my sisters. We had fun down there of course Pirate blogged when he was down there. Heaven forbid he goes a day with out a computer lol. My daughter was playing the wii with her cousins she seemed happy to be with them. I was talking with my sis and also playing a little with the kids. This year I didn't get to see my mom cause my brother got her a plane ticket to go to his house in Florida. But talked to her on Christmas she is having fun there. She told me that her plane got held over for 2 hours then she had to stop off at another place and it got held over for another 2 hours. Well anyways she made it there she was happy to get off the plane. Well I believe she was to get to Florida like a 6:00P.M. but didn't get there in till 2:00A.M that sucked my mom said. Well enough about my mom I am just glad she is having fun. I just hope that Pirate had fun too with me and my daughter in Indiana. I am glad I to Friday after Christmas off it feels nice just to sit around the day after. Every year I have had to work the day after. This year is great!