Friday, October 17, 2008

Run away

     My life when I was in school I had so much fun hanging with my friend. There were times in my life that were not great and I wont say why. I ran crosscountry and ran track, was in the marching band for one year didn't really like it. I guess I was a runner more then anything. I think if it wasn't for me running I dont think I would have passed school that is pretty bad to say I know. But I was one of thoughs kids that had trouble in school. I have one kid that is a daughter I love her to death, but omg she can be a big brat on alot of things.  Getting up for school is just one of them. 


Neo said...

well don't I know the up for school thing? love ya dear

Neo said...

love ya babe,

Neo said...
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